ALL Sealants, Inc. provides a wide range of construction services for all of your project needs. See how we can help.

Below Grade Waterproofing

Seal foundation walls with liquid, sheet, or bentonite waterproofing to keep basements dry as well as install waterproofing below the slab to keep water from entering through the slab.

Traffic Coating

Cover high traffic areas with a durable, protective surface. Protect mechanical room floors and balcony surfaces to keep the water from penetrating into the concrete slab.

Expansion Joints

We can help seal the joints controlling the expansion and contraction of building materials. Seal the joints to keep out moisture, air, debris, etc. vertical joints as well as horizontal joints.


Precast concrete pavers can provide a beautiful surface on terraces, roofs, and balconies. They also allow for easy access to the roof area.


Interior and exterior building sealants at windows, doors, brick joints, concrete slabs, etc. to seal up areas for a watertight building.

Plaza Waterproofing

Hot fluid applied or cold fluid applied waterproofing systems that are installed in split slab conditions, green roofing/planters, and under paver systems at elevated roof terraces.

Air/Vapor Barrier

Cavity wall liquid applied and sheet applied air/vapor barrier keeps interior finish conditioned spaces air/moisture tight from exterior weather elements.

Shot Blasting

Concrete floor preparation using a Blast Trac shot blaster to achieve surface conditions acceptable by waterproofing manufacturers to apply coatings/waterproofings.


Concrete protection with Bituminous asphalt liquid membrane.

Concrete Sealer

Concrete protection with silane and siloxane penetrating chemicals can be installed horizontally and vertically.